To determine the perfect size for your pet, loosely measure the neck circumference with a soft tape measure. Compare your pet's measurements to our sizing chart to find the best fit. If your pet falls outside of our sizing chart, please contact us for a custom creation.  

Bow Tie & Collar Guide

 Necktie Guide

* Breed and weight examples are estimated suggestions. For more accurate sizing we recommend you measure your pet.

Please be advised : Although our bow tie and necktie collars are made by hand to ensure the highest quality and durability, we do not recommend using them as your primary collar if your pup is a large breed and/or pulls. 

Bandana Guide

* 'Short' and 'Wide' customizations have been added to our bandana listings. 'Short' decreases the bandana's length and 'Wide' increases the adjustable width. These customizations are perfect for our stumpy and plumpy furiends like Corgis and French Bulldogs.

Custom Orders

We understand that pets come in many sizes and do our best to fit as many as possible. If you're in need of a custom size, please contact us to accommodate your request!

Looking for a specific color or print? Please contact us and we'll do our best to match your vision! 

Please be advised that custom orders and specialty requests may increase production time.