Are You A Classic or Contemporary Canine?

Wearing a bow tie is a statement in itself. While other dog's may live a bleak existence devoid of dapper accessories, you confidently strut your fluff in the latest neckwear trends. You've proven to the canine community that your dedication to style cannot be questioned, but have you considered which bow tie shape really fits your personality?   

The Refined Breed

Our original bow tie design, The Classic, is a great starting point for those who are just venturing into the world of formal neckwear. The timeless "Butterfly" shape is an icon in menswear and continues to dawn the necks of Hollywood elite. Our proprietary design draws from this traditional silhouette, while adding a well-bred spin to an old favorite. The Classic bow tie is made for the true sophisticate and is a staple for any dapper dog's wardrobe. Once worn for the first time, confidence is sure follow. 

The Wilder // Classic 
The Modern Mutt

Our newly released Contemporary style attracts the tie curious canine who is no stranger to traditional neckwear. Directly inspired by the men's "Diamond Tip" bow tie, this sleek silhouette is constructed for the fashion forward and fearless. The narrow, pointed design is a rarity in today's dogwear industry, thus making the owner truly stand out amongst the pack. The Contemporary bow tie is worn by those intended to be noticed and envied. If you're still not quire sure if this modern design is right for you - there's only one way to find out. Be brave, be bold. 

The Keats // Contemporary


Whether you prefer The Classic or The Contemporary, one thing is for certain - a gentleman can never have too many bow ties. 

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